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1 Employed in the real estate field in Bath, ME, in 1935 when his son John Edward married Catherine Field. Family: F106
2 Helen Elizabeth Bucking was their 6th and last child. Family: F49
3 Henry and Lena (Helena Becker) Bucking were living with the Beckers in 1880 at the time of the census, with their daughter, Amelia A. Bucking, age 4 mos. Family: F49
4 James and Mary were married by Fr. Thomas J. Nelligan at St. Denis Church. Family: F118
5 List of children and godparents from National Library in Dublin. Family: F124
6 Marriage date may be 11/25/1864. See Wessel. Family: F109
7 Married by Fr. John J. McSweeney. Family: F115
8 Parish Priest in celebration was Father James O'Driscoll. Family: F124
9 Source is James Burns. Family: F122
10 Source: "The Bond" by jacob Talley Bailey.

Family: F144
11 Witnesses were John Callon and Sally Walsh. Family: F69
12 Witnesses were Pat Lynch and John Cronin.
Minister was James O'Driscoll. 
Family: F124
13 Age 12 in 1880 census. Amelia Minnie Becker
14 Not listed on 1880 census; either born after 1880 or died before 1880. Annie Becker
15 Age 9 in 1880 census. Charles W. H. A. Becker
16 According to the death certificate for Conrad Becker who resided at 1230 Columbia Ave. Birthdate 9/27/1827 Date of death 9/12/1912. Occupation carpenter. Buried in Western Cemetery. The information was signed by Mrs. Elizabeth Becker at same address.

Barbara Becker Hinder 
Conrad Becker
17 Age 51 in 1880 census. Conrad Becker
18 He was a builder. When the Civil War broke out he was married and had two children so he paid another man $100 to be his substitute in the war. Conrad Becker
19 Occupation listed as carpenter in 1880 census. Conrad Becker
20 Age 14 in 1889 census. Elizabeth Becker
21 Age 6 in 1880 census. Emma Becker
22 Notes from Elizabeth Diehlman Strauch
Emma Becker married John Diehlman on 8/7/1897 at Immanuel Lutheran in Baltimore
5 Children:
Elizabeth (b.9/28/1901) married John Strauch one son John Strauch;
Carolyn b. 2/1/1907 d.9/22/1964;
Amelia M. Vermillion b. 12/26/1910;

Submitted by Barbara Hinder 
Emma Becker
23 Age 19 in 1880 census. George Becker
24 Occupation listed as barber in 1880 census. George Becker
25 Age 26 in 1880 census. Henry Becker
26 Occupation listed as barber in 1880 census. Henry Becker
27 Age 7 in 1880 census. Walter Becker
28 According to the death certificate for Elizabeth Becker at 1230 Columbia Ave. Birthdate 9/1/1832 and date of death 5/4/1913. Birthplace-Germany. Father-George Miller. The death certificate information was signed by Charles W. Becker(my grandfather). She is buried at Western Cemetery Lot 202 with her husband and a child Wilbur C. Becker death date 7/18/1905 age 1 yr. 3 months and 17 days.

Submitted by Barbara Becker Hinder 
Wilbur C. Becker
29 Died in infancy. Bertha Bucking
30 Died in infancy. Edward Bucking
31 Living with Conrad Becker's family and his older brother Henry Bucking in the 1880 census. Gustave Bucking
32 Occupation listed as tailor in 1880 census. Gustave Bucking
33 Age 30 in 1880 census. Henry Gerhardt Bucking
34 Birthplace listed as "Hanover" in 1880 census. Henry Gerhardt Bucking
35 Occupation listed as tailor in 1880 census. Henry Gerhardt Bucking
36 Some papers show his birth as April 1848. Henry Gerhardt Bucking
37 Some papers show his death as December 27, 1905. Henry Gerhardt Bucking
38 Unmarried Henry Gerhardt, Jr. Bucking
39 Helen E. Bucking often referred to her brother Bill as being like a father to her after her father Avery H. Williams passed. William Albert Bucking
40 Godfather was John Sullivan. Godmother was Margaret Crowley. Betty Buckley
41 Emmigration source: Petition and Oath of Naturalization. Daniel L. Buckley
42 Godfather was Denis Cronin. Godmother was Nancy Murphy. Daniel L. Buckley
43 Godfather was Daniel Cronin. Godmother was Betty Lynch. Joan Buckley
44 Godfather was Timothy Buckley. Godmother was Julia Riordan. John Buckley
45 Godfather was Timothy Buckley. Godmother was Nelly Desmond. Kate Buckley
46 Godfather was Patrick Lynch. Godmother was Norry Cronin. Mary Buckley
47 Godfather was Patrick Murray. Godmother was Catherine Delaney. Michael Buckley
48 Godfather was Daniel Cronin. Godmother was Norry Cronin. Patrick Buckley
49 naturalization record shows DOB as 9 March 1845. Patrick Buckley
50 Godfather was Paddy Buckley. Godmother was Peg Cronin. Peg Buckley

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