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Liberty Club

What was the Liberty Club, and who is in this photo? This appears to be a men's club in New York called the Liberty Club. A pillow in the far corner suggests the year is 1912. This was among family photographs but I cannot identify anyone in the picture with absolute certainty. Best Guess: The man sitting on the right side of the table about four or five from the far end, with his elbow on the table and his hand on his chin is my grandfather Leo F. Dunn, Sr.
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Ancestors at the Farm

Can you help identify any of the people in this photo? The photo was taken in front of the farm built by John Field's sons in Whitefield, ME. A handwritten note on the back dates the photo to 1925. Among the people in the photo, we think, are Alice (Field) Hanley and her husband George Hanley, Leo Francis Dunn, Sr. (as a relatively young man), and Edward Patrick (the "Major") Dunn and his wife Helen (Field) Dunn. The younger people on the steps are unknown, but may include one or more of Edward and Helen's children (and Leo's siblings), Annie, Agnes, Margaret, Helen, Thomas and/or Joe.
Fields and Larkins (?)

Can you identify anyone in this photo? This photograph is of three couples, a single man on the right, and two kids sitting on the grass. The older couple on the left we think is either Alice (Field) Hanley and her husband George Hanley or Helen Field and Edward Patrick (the "Major") Dunn. One of the younger couples, perhaps the one in the middle, may be Francis and Kathryn Larkin. The other couple, and the single gentleman on the right, are unknown. The children are unknown, as well, but the one on the left may be Margaret Dunn (daughter of Helen and Edward) and the one on the right may be one of her sisters (Annie, Helen or Agnes).
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Knights of Governor Kavanaugh Council (Whitefield, ME)

Which person is George Hanley? The title "Knights of Governor Kavanaugh Council" appears in the frame. We know George Hanley is in the photo because the Whitefield Historical Society produced in one of its newsletters a list of persons in the photo. The photo is taken from the front lawn of St. Denis Church, with a full view of the building across the street which, at the time, served as a convent for Sisters of Mercy. The third floor burned subsequently and the Sisters were transferred to Portland.
Orders Drawn on Account of Soldiers (Civil War)

Why did the town of Whitefield pay Thomas Field $100 categorized as "orders drawn on account of soldiers" when there is no record of Thomas Field having been drafted or served in the Civil Wary?